Should Parents Worry About the Rise in Treatment for Mental Illnesses in Children?

Teachers and parents have a very difficult time dealing with children with psychological disorders. In Japan, though, many parents refuse to recognize that their children have a disorder, forcing schools and teachers to spend time and money dealing with these children, often with disappointing results.

In one case, a child’s parents did not responsibly give him his medicine, resulting in days when he was a good child and in days when he could not focus at all. His doctor then refused to prescribe him medicine if his parents could not regularly give it to him, and he became quite a problem at school.

It is reassuring to hear, then, that the use of drugs to treat children is increasing, with a rise of 31% in the last year.

It is also worrying, as it it also could mean that children’s mental health is declining. However, the current rise is also attributable to more resources and drugs available to treat those in need.

Source: More Japanese children being prescribed psychotropic drugs | The Japan Times.

Image: Ian Barbour