How to Apply the SAMR Model to Education

When applying technology to education, many teachers make technology much harder to use than earning without technology. Why is this? One reason is because of redundancy, but a more important reason is that teachers limit themselves to old methods of learning and ignore new methods of learning.

To avoid this, one can refer to the SAMR model.

  1. Substitute: do things as usual, but use technology instead.
  2. Augment: do things in a new way.
  3. Modify: redefine tasks to use technology.
  4. Reinvent: use technology to create new tasks.

Instead of simply substituting, use technology to augment, enhancing the tasks and making them more relevant to children. For example, instead of using computers to research topics for written reports, use the computer to research, collaborate, write, and provide feedback on these reports. Have students submit a short report and make a web-based slideshow introducing the topic.

Instead of modifying tasks, try transforming them into new projects. Instead of writing a report on local culture, introduce it to the world through slideshows and social media.

Applying technology seems simple, and it really is, but teachers also invest time into making sure technology is used in a safe way that protects children and also enables them to learn new things. The SAMR model can help with teachers understand their technology use to create better lessons.

Source: Lisa Nielsen: The Innovative Educator: A Sensible Way to Look At #EdTech Integration.

Image: Lisa Nielson