Motivating Learners with Proof of Effort

Learning new things can be difficult, especially since there is a lot of repetition involved in doing new tasks. When these tasks are not done well at first, it can be extremely demotivating for learners.

While some of this is unavoidable, teachers should consider adding goals and progress trackers to motivate students. In addition, the use of projects with visible achievements can be an effective tool.

My students make travel pamphlets to help them express places they wish to visit. Compared to previous years when they did not make these pamphlets, students are more motivated and more expressive. They also have a lot of fun learning about different cultures while making these pamphlets! Check them out here.

Teachers should try to apply this idea of “proof of effort” to classes creatively. For example, instead of a test, try a presentation. Students will have more fun and learn better when they see that their actions have direct results.

Source: Make Your Chores Suck Less with the LEGO Principle.

Image: Joe Flintham