Is Teacher Effectiveness More Important Than Learning Time

We all want our children to be taught by good teachers. A good teacher is a mentor, a judge, a secret-keeper, and more.

But especially in private schools or irregular subjects, is it more important to have a good teacher or more lessons? Is quality or quantity better?

In the case of Japanese public schools, teachers have limited and varying abilities, and English is taught only a few times a year, in some cases.

In the case of private tutors, some teachers have students willing to pay thousands of dollars for exam preparation. But it may also be that students that are willing to pay more also have more willingness to study.

Some studies suggest that quantity is better.

And objectively speaking, even a child that can remember 7 words per lesson with one teacher and 9 words per lesson with another teacher benefits more from having 20 lessons with the first teacher than just 15 lessons with the second.

Regular and frequent lessons, therefore, are important!

Teachers, too, are also important. How can you evaluate your child’s teacher?

  • Friendliness: teachers should care for your child.
  • Trustworthiness: teachers should be reliable.
  • Expertise: teachers should be able to maintain discipline and be knowledgeable in their field.

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Image from Riaz Padamsee.